The Blank Arcade.

Blank Arcade returns after its successful 2014 edition in Salt Lake City, Utah. Blank Arcade: Games out of Joint is more than just a sequel, mod or expansion pack. It revisits its own concept through an exhibition of experimental games and artworks that push the boundaries of game design and theory. The curators invite artists, scholars and designers to propose works that investigate and question the ‘instrumentality’ of entertainment. We are more and more surrounded by video games that propose to be more than just ‘for fun’: games for health, education, social and civic engagement and so on. But what else can games be? How can games be used for trouble-making, rather than problem-solving? How can games become environments for posing new questions about our society, beliefs, and lives in general?


The curators of Blank Arcade: Games out of joint invited submissions for a showcase of games and related media to be displayed at the 2015 DiGRA conference at the Leuphana Centre for Digital Cultures, in Lüne­burg, Germany, May 14-17th. The selected works represent the best application of the theme "games out of joint" as they relate to the notion of games and play as creative research. The work is collected in two categories. The first category includes work which supports the artistic, non-commercial research and aesthetics of play. The second category includes work which extends the commercial game medium by aligning with the aesthetic and experiential qualities of traditional digital games, but extending the aims of such work.

This small collection of games as art aims to offer perspective on creative digital games research.


Lindsay Grace, Paolo Ruffino

2015 Selected Works include:
  • Colorigins: A Tactile Color Mixing and Matching Game, Brad Tober
  • Stealth, Martin Reiche
  • CONTROL - an experimental (meta) game about interface constraints, Kieran Nolan
  • Arthur Rimbaud in Liberty City, Colleen Flaherty and Matteo Bittanti (Coll.eo)
  • Zelda Deforested, Mark Franz
  • I Wish I had the Boy, Eliran Vegh
  • Bottle Rockets, James Earl Cox III
  • Nothing Remains Unseen, Perola Bonfanti
  • Black Like Me, Lindsay Grace
  • Shapes, A Tactile Physical Rehabilitation Game, Niels Quinten
  • Sibi, Roberto Fassone
  • polyCopRiotNode_ Adam Trowbridge & Jessica Westbrook Channel TWo
  • 404Sight, 404 Sight Team (@404Sight)
  • Skyward Level 404, Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD) Game Lab
  • Splattershmup Team Splattershmup (including Andy Phelps, Aaron Cloutier, Christopher Cascioli and Jenn Hinton)
  • Cargonauts, Anna Lascari, Ilias Mamaras, Brett Neilson, Ned Rossiter

Selected Works

The following works are on display for the 2015 Blank Arcade


Lindsay Grace & Paolo Ruffino

Digital Games Research Association Conference 2015
Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Scharnhorststraße 1, 21335 Lüneburg, Germany