Version 3a (in progress)

The third, minor iteration (3a) of Drift Interruptions reexamines the shape of narrative. It envisions the narrative not as a linear path constantly departing from its former self, but instead as an undulating architectural form that folds onto itself.  This visualization borrows the western notions of story as both a constructed form and a kind of textile that unfolds. Here narrative is structural, intentioned, but also as colloquial as spinning a yarn.

Drift Interruptions Version 3 in Progress

The Visualization

Drift interruptions, Version 3a, digresses from the theme of visualizing choice in narrative. Instead, Version 3a  seeks to visualize differences in structure by varied readers.

In real time, the current narration is drawn as an architectural ribbon.  The ribbon winds toward its center, changing size based on the density of language of the speakers narration.  

Three dimensional visualization was chosen because it affords for a few fundamental advantages when compared to two dimensions:

The Installation:
Version 3 revises the design as a small screen projection for museum audiences. Visitors read the following statement, posted before the installation.

"The word winds wistfully over meaning, but blissfully through intention. I want to know the shape of what I say, and not its meaning. If I were another person, you might wonder what I am saying, but I am who I am, and this is what I said." 

Reference and Related Reading:

Technical and Sketches:

A few places from which I derived motivation and ideas:


 *Here emphasizing re-presentation or the projection of a sense of three-dimensions.