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Gallery 350: “The Admissions Office”
Call for submissions: Make Me an Offer
Make Me an Offer is a theme-based gallery exhibition seeking to emphasize the growing ambiguity between the commercial arts and fine arts. It seeks to emphasize the artificial nature of this distinction. There are five types of art that will be exhibited in this one-month show:
Type 1: Art that Seeks to Design Solutions to Fine Art Problems
Artists research and engineer products to meet the needs of fine artists. These works will be displayed in their produced or documented forms, along with brief documentation about their purpose and function.
Type 2: Finely Crafted Assembly Line Art
Artwork that employs mass production processes, such as those of Takashi Murakami, Andy Warhol’s factory works, or similar models, that reference commercial standards in the art making process. 
Type 3: Branded Artists
Artists are encouraged to submit works that explore the artist as brand. These works employ marketing solutions and other commercial approaches to accentuate and objectify the artist and his/her practice.
Type 4: Art that Employs Applied Arts means to Achieve Conceptual Ends
Artists who reference graphic design, fashion design, game design, interior design, media arts and animation or other commercial arts to address contemporary theoretical issues in fine art.
Type 5: Artists who Challenge the Commercial-Fine Art Binary through Aesthetic Solutions.
Art whose aesthetic approach intersects with those of the applied arts.

The Space:
Selected works will be displayed in The Admissions Office (also known as Gallery 350) at the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago.  The gallery at 350 N. Orleans is situated between the River North and West Loop Gallery Districts (a few blocks in either direction), located across the street from The Merchandise Mart in Chicago's Apparel Center.
Submissions may be made via email. Submission must contain the following:

Due to space restrictions, 2D mediums will be given preference, including:
Painting, Photography, Digital Art/Computer Art and Film.
Small 3D and site-specific work will be considered if space permits.
Submission must be received by midnight October 10th, 2008. Artists will be notified of acceptance by October 28th. All accepted art must be ready to hang or otherwise install. 
Humor is appreciated. 
For more information and to submit work please contact or or visit