Pictures of You

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Declare your individuality by wearing your information.

Punk Collage creates images of your email messages for use in all your declarations of self. Jazz up your myspace page with spam. Become the envy of Second Life by decorating your home with offers from E-Harmony. Build a bomb and wrap it in your Punk Collage. Pimp your car with a Punk Collage spoiler. Dress your doggy in a Punk Collage collar. Be punk becuase Punk Collage defines you in an easy little package for the world to read.

Punk Collage is your little secret for the ultimate personal mashup. It is recycled information put to the best use - personalization.

Declare yourself, wear yourself.

Punk Collage brand is individuality - pure and uncut.

Punk Collage is a brand of null entertainment, a division nowhere. All materials on this sight are the explicit property of the guy who made them and do not reflect the opinions, mantras, values, absurdities, spectacles or simulations of popular culture other than to support and embrace them.