Version 4


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Download Video Demonstration here (6 mb wmv)

Drift Interruptions Version 4 is an interactive software visualization of choice in non-linear storytelling. It attempts an aesthetic visualization of choice by allowing the viewer to direct multi-dimensional divergent paths. The goal is to construct a short narrative.  The narrative is collected by navigating the current path to symbols in 3D space. When a symbol is collected, a narrative phrase is deposited at the point of collection. When the visitor is done constructing narrative, they can choose to take a tour of their narrative. The narrative will loop until the next visitor manipulates it.

This fourth version seeks to simplify the system, returning to the original concept and providing a short, more easily understood experience.


The current storyline is shown with a green background, while all others are white. The user directs the story via game controller or keyboard arrows.

The Installation:
Version 4 is designed for large screen projection interactive display but can also be show on as small screen interaction or video.

Reference and Related Reading: