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Armstrong Professor @ Miami UniversityDownload PDF of my REsume, Lindsay Grace
Director, Persuasive Play Lab @ AIMS
Co-Director, AIMS Games Center @ Miami University
203 Laws Hall, Miami University, Oxford,OH, USA, 45056

Email: LGrace at Miami OH dot edu.
Twitter: Mindtoggle

Lindsay Grace is a professor, game designer, programmer and artist

Lindsay is the Armstrong Professor of Creative Arts within Miami University's Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies. He directs the Persuasive Play Lab and is codirector of the Games Center within the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media. His research areas include game design, human-computer interaction, critical gameplay, and web design. He also writes about design and education. Lindsay has served industry as an independent consultant, web designer, software developer, entrepreneur, business analyst and writer.

Teaching [curriculum vitae / resume]
Lindsay joined the faculty of Miami University in 2009, where he holds a joint position between the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies and the School of Fine Arts. He has taught in digital interactive arts and writing at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago for 6 years. He also taught at ITT Technical schools and completed course writing for American Intercontinental University online.

Games , and Programming
Lindsay's creative practice is focused on uses of interactive media to explore cultural standards. Extending the foundations of human computer interaction, play design and design anthropology, the work explores the ignored. This work is computer game, gallery art, animation, sculpture or some interdisciplinary amalgamation. Lindsay’s work primarily pursues educational experiences and editorial critique of the social relationship between computers, humans and each other. The medium is typically screen based, software informed and aesthetic. The work demonstrates patterns through their amplification or the exposition of their absence in common awareness. The Critical Gameplay project is the current focus of this work, turning pattern into rhetoric.

Curriculum Vitae: PDF
Artist One Page CV: PDF

Commercial Work
Lindsay currently creates commercial games via Mindtoggle Games. Lindsay has completed several projects as an independent contractor for small to mid-sized businesses. He consults on aspects of business system design and usability design. His areas of expertise are computer graphics, interface development, web design, and middle-tier programming. 

A personal note:

I don't like talking about myself in the third person, but it makes it easier for other people to cut and paste my bio.

I teach because I have more people to thank than I can ever repay. If I went to medical school, I'd be where people needed me most. With the skills I have and my propensities - teaching digital design is what I do. I don't think the work I design will save a life, but it might just inspire one.

I also teach because I love it. I want every one of my students to have that ah-ha moment at least once in my classes. Most of my ah-ha moments have changed my life for the better. I hope I can facilitate the same.

I am an alumnus of Friends Academy (Massachusetts), A Better Chance (Williamstown, Massachusetts) LEAD @ University of Arizona, InRoads, and the PhD Project. I am a Christian A. Herter scholarship. I've never done well on tests, which is fitting since I was one of 3 speakers at the 1994 W. Allison Davis commemorative US postage stamp ceremony (Dr. Allison challenged the validity of standardized tests).

Before I was 12 I started selling half-baked video games. I called that company Mindtoggle (from mind-switches). 8 years later I started a company with my friend Tony (now at Google), to sell club merchandise, DJ mixes, promote club specials and offer VIP access. I called that company, but we also went by the more notable It grew to be the 3rd largest resource for clubbing news, but I put it to rest when Metromix (the #1) matured. Now Mindtoggle sells mobile games. As Vonnegut writes - so it goes.

I race one of my cars in SCCA Autocross, bicycle (I used to race ABR and USCF), and play video games. The rest of life is peppered with travel, cooking, board games, fiction and philosophy.

A few photos of me (car racing photo courtesy of Jeff Lowe Imaging):

2012 2011 2010 2009 2009
Lindsay GRace 2012 Lindsay Grace playing games Lindsay Grace 2010, UTAH Lindsay Grace 2009 Lindsay Grace in Japan

Yes, my facial hair grows in direct proportion to my stress.

A few interesting numbers (as of July 2012):

79: The total number of courses I have taught between 2003-2012 (excluding independent studies)

5: the total number of Game Design courses I taught at Miami University
5: The total number of Web Design courses I taught at Miami University

28: The total number of Games courses I taught at AI-Chicago (Design, Scriptwriting, Programming)
18: The total number of Web Design courses I taught at AI-Chicago
15: The total number of general Digital Media courses I taught
4: The total number of film scriptwriting courses I taught at AI-Chicago
3: Total number of online only courses I have taught

1982: The first year I played a computer game
1986: The first year I started making computer games
1993: The first year I had been on an airplane

Professional Highlights


Recent Publications [see all] [cv]

Book Chapters:

Selected Proceedings:

Online Edited Articles:


  • In Review - Jamieson, P. Hall, J. Grace, L. 2012. A Survey to Help Adopt Human Computing Games in Mainstream Video Games Based on the Crowdsourcing Landscape.
  • In Press - Jamieson, P. Hall, J. Grace, L. 2012. Research Directions for Pushing Harnessing Human Computation to Mainstream Video Games. In Journal of Games and Culture. Sage.(top 5 paper, Meaningful Play)
  • In Press - Grace, L. 2012. "Critical Gameplay: Practice and Design" Computers in Entertainment. ACM.
  • Studying the Philosophy of Software: A Framework for Examining How Digital Design Affects the Arts, the International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp.279-286

Selected Undergraduate Student Publications:


Make me an Offer Exhibit

Selected Exhibitions [see all]

  • 2012 Critical Gameplay, Computer Art Congress 2012, 104 (centquatre), Paris, France
  • 2012 Big Huggin', Meaningful Play Serious Games Conference, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
  • 2012 Miami Mini Golf, Meaningful Play Serious Games Conference, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
  • 2012 Big Huggin', File Electronic Language Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 2012 Music Box, File Electronic Language Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 2012 Big Huggin', Artscape:Gamescape, Baltimore, Maryland
  • 2012 Big Huggin' (Critical Gameplay), 8th Games, Learning and Society Conference, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin
  • 2008 Meaningful Play Serious Games Conference, Game Exhibitor: Polyglot Cubed
  • 2008 7th Annual Pilsen Together Art Festival, National Museum Of Mexican Fine Arts [photography], Chicago, Illinois
  • 2008 Co-Curator of Make Me an Offer, Gallery 350, Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago, IL
  • 2008 Gogh Bot, Make Me an Offer, Gallery 350, Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago, IL
Presenting in Athens, Greece

Selected Presentations and Panels:[see all]


  • Understanding Persuasive Play, Informational Technology Forum - Miami University Hamilton Campus (invited lecture), Hamilton, Ohio, February 2012
  • Gaming Augmented Reality, Place-based Applications and More, The Digital Non-Conference, September 2010, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Digital Society Trends: New Forms of Machine-Human Interactions (panel): Critiquing Software Interactions, The Third International Conferences on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions (St Maarten), February 2010
  • Social Media and Digital Games for Environment Action (with G. Platt), Saving Species – July 2010 - Kinabatangan, Borneo, Malaysia

Peer reviewed

  • Play Strategies in Liberal Education, Organizing Panelist (with Dr. Shira Chess, Dr. Brooke Spangler , & Dr. Peter Jamieson) Meaningful Play,Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, October 2012
  • Bikini Beach Zombie Massacre - Sneaking Critical Gameplay Satire into the Mainstream, Arse Electronika, San Francisco, California, September 2012
  • Making and Analyzing Games: Not as Art, but as Literature, International Digital Media and Arts Association/New Media Caucus , SCAD/Savannah, USA, October 2011
  • The Psychology of Play and its Digital Equivalents (with Dr. Brooke Spangler), Digital Expo - Miami University, October 2011

Community Presentation:

  • Winton Woods: Man-Man Stem Conference for High School students (invited speaker), Cincinnati, Ohio
Conference presentation

Selected Program Committees and Review

Selected Institutional Service committees


  • Westwood College, Chicago, Curriculum Advisory Committee-Graphic/Web Design (2004-2005)
Conference presentation

Awards and Grants

Grants Received:

Co-author, consultant or advisor:

  • Undergraduate Summer Scholars 2012 (Miami University grant for undergraduate research), Virtual Reality Games and Meta-Fiction
    Advisor: $3,600 (x2)
  • Miami University Technology Fee (2011), Eye Tracking Hardware
    Team Membe
    r (with James Coyle et al.)
  • National Endowment for the Arts (2010), Digital Interactive Art Commentaries 
    Consultant, $20,000
  • Miami University Technology Fee (2010), Media Server and SoftLED Curtain
    Team Membe
    r (with Gion Defrancesco, Russ Blain, Susan Ewing), ~$40,000
  • 2010: National Science Foundation (2010), Saving Species
    role: consultant
    (2010-2011),  $2,879,306.00 (.51 person-months committed).


Cameras on Michigan Ave

General Press:

On campus press: The Miami Student (Miami University Student Newspaper)

Interview: IndiePub Games - Lindsay Grace speaking about Global Game Jam





Web Links

About me on the web:

My Games
  • Critical Gameplay:
    Micro site for Critical Gameplay video game suite and exhbition
  • Mindtoggle Games:
    My outlet for creating simply commercial games informed by Critical Gameplay
  • Polyglot Language Game:
    Micro site for the Polyglot language learning tool I created in 2008. More information is also available at and
  • Zombie Master:
    A micro site for a game prototype I released in 2005/2006. The game is very simple, and really doesn't aspire to anything more than a tech test. I wrote the program to gauge how much my students could accomplish in a quarter. I wrote the game in just under 3 weeks, but it did get reasonable download traffic.
My Applications
  • Autocross Advantage: A quick mobile app I created to help autocross racers keep track of the course and their times.
  • Chicago Homicide Tool:
    The micro site for my scientific visualization program to analyze geographic and chronological patterns in homicides. Last edited 2008
  • Interactive Travel Map:
    Micro site for the Interactive Travel Map, a hastily "slapped together" program to create 3D interactive chronological histories of travel. The program allows the user to map any series of images to any 3D model, then create a timed animation rotating the model and moving through the image sequence. Last edited 2007.
  • LightDemo:
    Micro site for the OpenGL Light demonstration I wrote in 2005.
  • Medical Image Viewer: Medical Image Viewer
    Micro site for the Medical Image (e.g. dicom, CT scans, etc) viewer I wrote. It uses several common algorithms for generating 3D images from common data files.


My Work


Student Resources
  • Aii:
    Information for Illinois Institute of Art students, including syllabi, course documents, and related resources.
  • Camera:
    A website introducing common terminology and concepts for describing camera movement. This micro site was created to provide my writing students an easy reference for scripting animated cut scenes in games. Last edited in 2006
  • Miami University:
    Information for Miami University students, including syllabi, course documents, and related resources.
  • Presentations:
    Collection of documents from various presentations I have made in recent years.
  • Students:
    A collection of links to work my students have completed. It was maintained for 2 years, while I was teaching web design. The work of my Game Art students requires more bandwidth than this collection would rightly support. Legal issues also prevent me from hosting student work on my own servers. Please visit AI for samples of current student game work. Student game programming examples can be viewed at