Drift Interruptions Versions

Version 4

Drift Interruptions Version 4 is an interactive software visualization of choice in non-linear storytelling. It attempts an aesthetic visualization of choice by allowing the viewer to direct multi-dimensional divergent paths. The goal is to construct a short narrative.  The narrative is collected by navigating the current path to symbols in 3D space. When a symbol is collected, a narrative phrase is deposited at the point of collection. When the visitor is done constructing narrative, they can choose to take a tour of their narrative. The narrative will loop until the next visitor manipulates it.

Version 3a(work in progress)

The third, minor iteration (3a) of Drift Interruptions reexamines the shape of narrative. It envisions the narrative not as a linear path constantly departing from its former self, but instead as an undulating architectural form that folds onto itself.  This visualization borrows the western notions of story as both a constructed form and a kind of textile that unfolds. Here narrative is structural, intentioned, but also as colloquial as spinning a yarn.

Version 3

October 25, 2008

Version 2

June 1,2008

Version 1

April 15,2008