The Game | The History

The History:

The powder keg moment for the conflict in the Portuguese colonies is often cited as the Pijiguiti Massacre, in which Portuguese soldiers opened fire on protesting workers in 1959.  The PAIGC was formed shortly thereafter as a peaceful movement for the independence of Portuguese Guinea.   The movement turned violent in 1962 in an attack by the PAIGC in Praia, Cape Verde.  By 1967 more than a hundred attacks had been mounted in the name of independence. 

The primary military support for the PAIGC came from Russia, Cuba and China. By 1974, the expense of war became too much for a nearly bankrupt Portuguese government. After a 10 year struggle, nearly 6,000 PAIGC soldiers and 2,000 Portuguese soldiers were dead in the War of Independence.  Less than 2 years before the war ended, PAIGC leader Amilcar Cabral was assassinated.   
The military tactics and political situation of the war has substantial analogy to “rebel” actions experienced by contemporary 1st world nations.

The Game:

The games situation and scenarios are its most important educational experience. It is designed to provide alternate player perspective.  In response to the tradition of Tom Clancy styled games and narratives, 3rd world shooter endeavors to make the player the adversary of the 1st world nation, instead of its aide.  The environment, situations, and objectives are designed to inform the player about this political history while employing traditionally popular game play mechanics.

3rd World Shooter is an FPS designed to explore concepts in propaganda, emotion and perspective. 

The parallel to current “terrorist” campaigns is important. This is why the protagonists are people with whom the United States did not clearly ally, but in hindsight may have.  Interestingly, China, Russia, and Cuba did, but the US remains one of Cape Verde’s largest supporters.   

There are plenty of analogies to be made, but one of the interesting claims asserted by people reporting about the War of Independence is that the Portuguese effectively lost to the PAIGC because the incumbent Portuguese party was going bankrupt.  The game is further complicated by the difficult history the PAIGC created in the aftermath of the war.


How to Play:

WASD: Movement controls

  1. Left [CTRL]: Run
  2. Left mouse: fire weapon
  3. Right mouse: action (talk or take)
  4. L: Flashlight on/off (if your light is on, you are easier to spot)

Tech features:


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